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Vampire Myths

I was wondering if anyone had heard of any other Vampire Myths? Such as the myths surrounding Elizabeth Bathroy, The Vampire of Dusseldorf, or any others?
They are highly intreaguing.

For example, Elizabeth was rumored to have taken baths in the blood of young women (Even though she really didn't, she only tourtured over 50 serving girls). And she really liked pins and needles...She used to use them to shove under the fingernails of her victims. In confessions from her accomplices she was said to have biten the unfortunate girls on the neck and breast.

The Vampire of Dussledorf, if I'm getting the spelling right, was just a man who ran a butcher shop. He used to Chop up his victims after he was done with them and sell the meat. It was great.

If you are of mild temperment and can't take a little bit of graphicness, please don't read this. But If you like this type of stuff, I will probably put more things up.

Ok, yeah, this is why I shouldn't be alowed to type...I'm really morbid sometimes...LOL

Well, still I hope you like it.

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