Coyotepuck (coyotepuck) wrote in dochelsing,

All set up!

I've set up this journal as a community for Dracula and vampire discussion of all sorts, because that's nifty, and as a place to plug my comic, which is an in progress adaptation of Dracula. You can find it Here. More info about the scope of this community is in its profile. Right now, I've only just gotten everything set up, as far as this journal and the comic website goes, so... yeah. Hopefully I'll get a member or two ;)
To keep things from looking -too- shamelessly geared towards my comic... I'm hoping this place'll generate some good discussion about the treatment of vampires in modern literature, folklore, and what have you. It's a fascinating subject, and as a recent convert to the horror genre, I can't get enough of this stuff. I dislike sympathetic portrayals of vampires in what I've come across so far, but that's just a personal taste, and by no means will I forbid talk of such critters here.
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